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Spring 2015 Legislative Report

On April 13, 2015, in All News, General News, Legislation, by Paula Wagner

If an author never put their story in print or a speaker never spoke their thoughts, the story would never be told.

That is my challenge to you. Tell everyone what you do with your school nutrition program. What is your dream in your program to make it the best ever?

We often quietly feed our students looking out for their needs, but we don’t do a really good job letting everyone know what a GREAT job we do. Maybe we really want to do something but can’t because of hurdles we cannot control. Let people know those challenges.

In January we were in Lincoln visiting with our State Senators. We delivered fruit baskets to each Senator and visited with them or their office about our programs. We would like you to take it one step further and contact your local elected officials and invite them in to your cafeterias and talk to them about your programs. One Senator told me about how his local school host the city elected officials for a meal with the students.

March 1-4 Mary Finnegan and I attended LAC in Washington DC. 2015 is a re- authorization year for School Nutrition Programs. SNA is asking for the changes with the current rules, allowing us more flexibility for our programs. Let our 5 elected officials in DC know what these changes would mean for your program. SNA’s position paper can be found on the SNA and NSNA website. I will send copies for be passed out at the spring district meetings and at State Conference in Kearney.

Let your thoughts and story be told by you. They can’t read our minds, but they can read our letters and email.

Have your students write letters and send them out to the elected officials.

If you go to the 5 elected officials websites you will find a link to get their updates, they often list when they will be back in Nebraska or their team will be and what cities they will be in. Stop by and talk to them. Rep Smith was just in Wayne again last week, I had hoped to get down to meet with him, but I had an interview with him.

Tell them about whole grains, smart snack, sodium limits, 12 oz 1% flavored milk vs diet pop, the Federal government telling your school what they can charge and how much you can raise the price.

Let your voice be heard,


Judy Poehlman


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