• Healthful Meals and
    Nutrition Education

    Available to all Children
  • Well-nourished Students

    Prepared to Succeed
  • Advancing Good Nutrition

    for all Children
  • Well-nourished Students

    Prepared to Succeed







Objectives of the Association

Optimal Nutrition

To promote the optimal health, nutrition and education of all children by supporting nutritionally adequate and educationally sound, financially accountable, nonprofit child nutrition and school community nutrition programs.

High Standards

To promote high standards for child nutrition and school community nutrition programs with an emphasis on nutritionally adequate meals which are appealing to children.

Promote Membership

To promote membership and provide services to members.

Community Involvement

To promote the involvement of students and the school community in child nutrition programs.

United Efforts

To promote united efforts between school personnel, allied organizations, industry and the public to assure every child an opportunity to receive the benefits of the child nutrition and nutrition education programs.

Professional Development

To promote high standards and to provide appropriate educational programs, incentives and recognition for professional development of child nutrition personnel.

Research and Development

To promote research and development in child nutrition programs.

Policy and Legislation

To promote the establishment of a national nutrition policy and legislation which provide optimal nutrition education for children.

Breaking News

Friday, July 26, 2019
As you are aware US Foods has converted over the system this summer. We are diligently trying to work out all kinks before school starts. We have made the decision to ask that you do not key your USDA-brown box orders for August. We are aware that some of you need to allocate to your multiple school locations. We would ask that you send Julie Bennett julie.bennett@usfoods.com telling us how you would like your products allocated. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know. We will start shipping the week of August 12th.

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