The School Nutrition Association offers a rich array of continuing education programs for SNA members and the entire school nutrition community. Whether you’re just beginning your career in school nutrition or seeking to deepen your understanding of the intricacies of school feeding programs, SNA has the resources you need to get started.

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Webinar Wednesday

The Breakfast Summit hosted by the School Nutrition Foundation, SNA’s sister charitable organization, in April was too good not to share with all of you. The summit led discussions on how Breakfast in Classroom (BIC) does more than put food in children’s stomachs, as it often improves the social-emotional climate of the school, reduces the stigma of underprivileged students receiving free meals (especially when the universal free model of breakfast is implemented), how BIC increases school attendance and prepares students for learning. This webinar will also bring you one of the highlights of the summit, the school nutrition staff from Houston County (Texas) Schools, who will share what they have been able to accomplish with increased participation in Breakfast in the Classroom. Join us June 19, and learn more here.

 The Training Zone: Made with You in Mind

  • SNA’s new Training Zone provides members a unique opportunity to focus on career growth as SNA continues to bring you key topics that will be of benefit to you and your program. Checkout our online training modules and live and on-demand webinars. 
    SNA’s online training located in the Training Zone provides the advantage of not being bound by geography or time, so all learners can control when and where they train. It also allows learners to train at their own pace while they are exploring new concepts. 
    A one-stop shop for eLearning, on-demand, 24-7 content, the current modules in the Training Zone feature specialized online trainings developed by school nutrition professionals. All Webinar Wednesdays and Webinars On-Demand are free to members as part of your membership benefits and discounts are offered on all other training courses. District packages are currently available for the ethics training program with more package options coming soon. Learn more about our eLearning modules:
    Dollars & Cents of Financial Management
  • Culinary Skills Trainin
  • Ethics in School Nutrition